Summer Tree Care

During the warmer months, your trees – young and old – will need special attention in order to stay healthy. There are a lot of ways to provide this attention and care, with some of them being particularly crucial if you want healthy and happy trees at the beginning and end of your summer.

For starters, if you’ve considered hiring a professional to evaluate your trees, summer is a good time to do so. When the climate is hot and often very dry, you may need an expert opinion on how best to take care of your trees. They will suggest a lot of ways to keep them healthy, one of which is mulching. A lot of people mulch their trees in the spring, but there’s still time in the summer. Putting mulch around the base of your tree should regulate soil temperature and hold in moisture.

Other treatments include pruning and irrigating your trees. Irrigation is especially important during the summer, and very important for your younger trees. Always be sure to focus more on less-frequent watering that goes deeper to the roots, rather than more constant, quick watering.

Depending on where you live, another danger that summer brings to your trees is the possibility of storms. This is where a professional is useful- they can look at the position of your trees and determine any danger of damaging property during a summer storm. You can also remove limbs or cable some of them up to try and limit the potential damage.

There can be a lot that goes into caring for a tree. But once summer is over and your trees are happy and healthy, the effort will be worth it. Be sure to either do research or speak to an expert about how your particular climate and location will affect your trees during the summer.

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