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If you’re unfamiliar with air spading you’re not alone. Although the benefits for your trees can be miraculous, sadly it is a relatively unknown and underutilized technique for restoring tree health and vigor. In fact, many trees that are in serious decline may be saved with this amazing process.

So what is an Air Spade? Simply put, it is a tool that allows us to dramatically improve the soil surrounding your tree using a high-pressure jet of air. Air spades can turn heavily compacted soil into a light, fluffy, nutrient-rich, supercharged soil. The effects can be incredible!

Soil Aeration in Austin

Why does Air Spading so dramatically improve tree health? It’s really simple. Tree roots are primarily seeking two things, air, and water. Over time, soil in the CRZ (critical root zone) can become compacted as a result of heavy foot traffic, and/or lack of organic material in the soil itself. This compaction can significantly reduce the water and air available to the root system, leading to a decline in your tree’s health and vigor. Thanks to the Air Spade, we can correct this problem and provide your tree the kind of soil it needs to grow healthy and happy for years to come! Our Austin Arborists use the Air Spade to aerate the soil in the CRZ down to 4-6 inches, creating light, fluffy, oxygen-rich soil. Then we introduce organic compost into the existing soil using the Air Spade. Finally, we cover the new, super-charged soil with organic hardwood mulch. You now have a very Happy Tree!

Root Crown Excavation Services in the Austin Area

A tree’s root crown is the area on the trunk where the roots flair off the sides and delve into the ground. It is critical this area be dry and exposed to prevent a host of serious problems including rot and fungal infection. If you cannot see the root crowns on the trees in your yard, call us for a quote on having a root crown excavation done. We use the Air Spade to remove the soil from the root crown without injuring the tree, which almost always happens when using metal tools. While we are talking about root crowns, please consider not planting anything close to the trunks of your trees. Plants too near the trunk can create dark, humid environments that are perfect for fungus to get started. Additionally, they are competition for water, which is in short supply during our long, hot summers.

Air Spading is great for soil aeration or root crown excavation. Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate. We look forward to being your Austin Tree Care provider!

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