Four Things to Know Before Hiring an Arborist

1. Not all trees need pruning every three to five years.
Pruning is a necessity in order to ensure proper growth and harvest. Fruit trees must be pruned to ensure a high quantity and high quality yield. Additionally, flowering trees produce larger and more abundant flowers when pruned periodically. Other trees should also be pruned periodically to ensure proper leaf density and to contain new growth. However, some trees grow slower than others and do not need as frequent pruning. Pay attention to how quickly your tree grows before beginning a pruning cycle.

2. If your tree contains dead branches, you should get it pruned.
A tree with dead branches can be a hazard to your home, business, and to bystanders – especially if situated in an urban area. Dead branches may also signify that your tree is diseased. If your tree has dead branches, call a professional such as the Happy Tree Service of Austin to safely remove the hazard.

3. If fungi, mushrooms, or mold is growing on your tree, you might be in trouble.
If you see fungi growing in your tree branches, this may be a sign of a larger problem. Mushrooms may have taken over the inside of the tree and may have begun the decomposition process. If this is the case, your tree may not be savable, especially if the decomposition process has begun within the main trunk of the tree.

4. Ask about seasonal pricing and discounts.
During the spring and summer, tree growth rates are at a maximum. As a result, landscaping companies are in full swing during these times and may charge extra to compensate. If your trees do not need immediate service and pose no danger to others (i.e. no dead limbs or branches), ask about winter pricing. During the winter, tree services are generally less busy and may offer discounts to encourage business.

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    Arborist services are indeed indispensable when you are thinking of developing a property on a land with tree. You should be careful in choosing the arborist to work with. These tips are very helpful for people looking for arborists.


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