Don’t Wait for a Storm! Get Your Trees Trimmed First.

Springtime in Texas

Spring storms can be powerful. High winds can create a danger that could turn into a catastrophe the next time a storm blows through.

Tree trimming can minimize the risks. They use their skills to get rid of fallen limbs that can crush a roof or cause other property damage.

Evan Peters, of Happy Tree Services, says storms can have a cumulative effect. At one house, there’s damage to a tree in the backyard that hasn’t harmed the home, yet. But it could come crashing down through the roof the next time a storm blows through.

Now is the time to inspect trees around your home, not when the weather forecast is saying batten down the hatches.

You may think you’re safe, but there may be hidden danger lurking above in the branches, as homeowner Nick Koster spotted after taking the time to look up.

An Ounce of Prevention

“When I had Happy Tree Services come out and take a look at it, they were concerned as well,” Koster said. “Just because any wind movement could have shifted that branch and it would have made someone’s day suck eggs.”

Trees can also threaten to take out power lines if they are not trimmed back and kept clear.

While the power company will trim the area around the main power line,  the electric service that runs from the pole to your house is the homeowner’s responsibility.

“In this instance, we have a tree in this yard that has a broken, hanging limb,” Evan says. “It isn’t over the power service from the pole to the house, but it’s relatively close. I would advise everyone to look at that. That would be something that you can be proactive and prepare for, to try to prune some of that weight back over either the house or the power service.”

Most home insurance will only cover tree trimming and removal when a fallen limb damages a structure.

But Happy Tree Service will come out for free to evaluate the trees around your home and provide an estimate for trimming that can eliminate any danger.

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