Deep Root Fertilization (DRF) in Austin, TX

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Deep Root Fertilization (DRF) delivers essential nutrients directly to the absorbing root zone of your tree, by injecting a slow release, liquid  fertilizer approximately 5 inches deep into the soil. By injecting at this depth, we are able to get the fertilizer past the absorbing roots of your grass and put it right where your tree can optimally access it. These  injections are performed in a grid pattern around your tree, all the way  out to the drip line of the canopy, to ensure the entire tree benefits from  the treatment.

Why fertilize?

  • Disease prevention. Many harmful bacterial and fungal agents  are present in the soil and air around your trees. Healthy trees  are usually capable of fighting these off, but when they lack the  nutrients they need, their natural defenses can begin to weaken, and opportunistic diseases and insects are able to overwhelm an  already stressed tree. An annual deep root fertilization treatment  can ensure your tree has what it needs to fight off invaders and  remain healthy.
  • Safer trees. Due to their proximity to our homes and living areas, it is imperative that we do everything we can to ensure the trees in our yards are structurally strong enough to support their limbs and branches. Trees that are nutrient deficient are more likely to experience limb failure and pose a risk to your family and property.
  • Beautiful, happy trees. Trees that receive the nutrients they need will have bigger, greener leaves. This means more food  production for the tree, which in turn results in faster growth rates,  and more shade to help with our hot Texas summers.

Why choose Happy Tree Service?

We are certified arborists,  dedicated to being the best tree care company in Austin. Check out our  arborist bio page to get to know our staff arborists and their impressive  backgrounds. As certified arborists, we are continually participating in  workshops and conferences to ensure we are using the latest  techniques and most effective treatments on our customers trees.  

Our guarantees are to apply nutrients and beneficial elements to your  soil through ISA approved standards, OSHA safety standards, ANSI  Z133 standards, and TDA regulations.

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