When to Call an Arborist

No matter how strong your green thumb may be, growing trees can be very high maintenance. And at some point, if you start to notice certain symptoms or signs in your trees, you may find that you need a professional’s help. Here’s what you need to know about consulting an arborist about your trees.

Trees require a lot of maintenance, and you have to first make sure that yours are getting enough nutrition, sun, water, pruning, and a good environment. But, if even after all of those factors, your tree is showing signs of sickness- it may be time to bring in an expert. Think about consulting someone if your tree’s leaves are falling off more than expected, or if they show discoloration. Also, check the bark and branches of the tree- if the branches near the top are dying, your tree could be in trouble. See if the bark is splitting or peeling more than usual. And see if there are any growths on or around the trunk of your tree.

The causes of these symptoms are varied- the acidity and quality of the soil could be affecting it, for instance, in which case an arborist will test the soil and give you information on making changes to your fertilizer. But in some cases, there may not be a solution to saving your tree, and the arborist may have to recommend removing it. Regardless, if you are having problems with your tree’s health, consulting a professional is the way to go. Many companies offer free first inspections, while some others charge around $50-75 for one. And if you need a tree removed, you can hire someone for that as well. You’ll be glad that you consulted someone with an expert opinion, and that expert will do all they can to try and save your tree.

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