Proper Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming and maintenance includes regular pruning or removal of branches to improve the life of the whole tree. Tree trimming is often initiated to remove dead or diseased parts of the tree before the affect the rest of the tree or other trees. Trimming a tree also benefits surrounding vegetation by providing increased air flow and sunlight. Done correctly, tree trimming creates stronger trees that do not have branches threatening structures, power lines, or other parts of your property.

Tree trimming is best performed in late winter or early spring. However, if your tree has dead, broken, or diseased limbs, it is advised to prune immediately to prevent further damage. Ideally, other pruning occurs before the tree opens its buds, but if you happen to prune after that time, be sure to allow the tree to develop their leaves.

Tree Trimming Services – Big or Small Needs

The first step in trimming a tree is identifying which tree. After you know this, you can begin to move anything that may be in harms way. Most jobs require only hand pruners, loppers, and a pruning saw. Hand pruners can cut smaller pieces, while loppers are designed for wood a bit larger. Both hand pruners and loppers come in two types: bypass and anvil. Bypass act like scissors and are recommended for their clean cuts. Saws are used for even larger branches.

Tree Trimming Services in Austin

Our Austin tree trimming services are designed to help the tree(s).But if you try to take up the work yourself, some damage may occur to the tree itself or the surround property. There are many problems that you could run into like- cutting into the branch collar of the tree. (Do you know what the branch collar is?) The branch collar contains the chemicals necessary for healing other trimmed parts and cutting into the branch collar will retard the sealing of other areas. Also, it is not recommended to coat any areas you cut with a dressing. Exercising some restraint to trim your trees and letting a professional tree trimming service help you, will in the end- help promote healthier trees and safer environment.

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