Emergency Tree Service and Removal in Austin

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24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal in the Austin Area

When falling limbs or downed trees create an emergency on your property, you can always contact Happy Tree Service for quick Austin emergency tree service and/or Austin tree removal. Fallen limbs and trees create dangerous situations, including structural damage to your home or unnecessary exposure to utility and power lines. In these emergencies, it is imperative that you use qualified professionals to get the situation under control. At Happy Tree Service, our team is trained and equipped to deliver professional tree services at a moment’s notice.

Our company has the right equipment and staff to help you with all your tree needs, including 24 hr emergency tree removal service. When the unexpected occurs, we have the Austin tree service experience and knowledge to tend to your immediate concerns. Our staff can also help minimize your risk of future tree problems.
Some things to look for, to prevent property damage before a storm:

  • Leaning Tree or branches
  • Cracks on the trunk or branches
  • Decaying areas of the tree
  • weak or decaying roots

By recognizing these problems early, you can prevent costly property damages by trimming or pruning branches, cabling and bracing weak branches/trunks, or removing the tree entirely before having it come crashing down during a storm.

Remember that if you do see any of these problems with any of your trees before a storm, acting fast to prevent the damage will better suit your situation, because of the high demand for tree services needed after a bad storm.

Contact us anytime to schedule a professional consultation with our Certified Austin arborists.

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