Tree Branches Over Your Roof = Danger!

Tree Branches Hanging Over or Touching the Roof? Do This…

Trees in your yard are a thing of beauty. When their feathery leaves dance in the direction of the blowing wind. The change they experience each season, why they almost welcome you home each day.

Except when they hang over your roofline, then these things of beauty become a pest–a danger even.

Either way, here are some ideas how to safely fix your hanging branch dilemma.  It doesn’t matter how it happened: you bought the house that way, they just grew over time or when the trees within your neighbor’s property decide to come visit.

The Risk of Tree Branches Overhanging Your Roof and How to Prevent Damage.

What happens when tree branches hang over your roof?

Allowing limbs to hang over your home can be risky and harmful to your tree, your roof as well as your entire home.

For instance:

  • • Layers of asphalt and gravel can be stripped off when the branches of your trees scrape against the shingles of your roof on windy days.
  • • Leaks, deterioration or mold can occur when the leaves of the limbs of your trees fall onto your roof or in the gutter.
  • • It could be riskier when the limbs of your trees are weak, damaged or diseased. Wind or storms can cause limbs to come crashing down onto your roof.

Whose tree is the culprit—yours or your neighbor’s?

How did your trees become so unsafe in the first place? When you plant trees too close to your home’s foundation and don’t consider the dangers of their width and eventual height can cause.

It might be that your neighbor’s tree is trespassing the property line and hanging over and touching your home.

You have the right to trim tree limbs that extend onto your property, regardless of where the tree is planted.

Make sure to discuss with your neighbor before trimming and have in the back of your mind that you will be held accountable if any damage done to the tree.

How to cut a tree limb over your house

cut tree photo

The branches which are already hanging over your roof can cause a ton of damage and thereby should be seen as threats. Cutting branches inappropriately could further lead to more damage to your roof or your home in general. To DIY-it also poses a threat to you because you’ll have to climb to reach these branches.

It is dangerous to trim tree limbs hanging over your roof and any slight mistake can lead to more problems. Therefore, it is vital to have an expert handle the job. As a professional in this field, they can easily trim the tree and cut down the branches without causing any harm to your roof, home or in some cases, your neighbor’s tree.

Have a tree expert inspect the tree branches hanging over your roof today.

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