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When To Prune Trees

If you’re just getting into and learning about tree care, you may find yourself wondering when the best time is to prune your trees. This will mostly depend on your reason for pruning- are you trying to remove dead limbs? Increase flowering? Figure that out, and then plan what season is best for you to […]

Summer Tree Care

During the warmer months, your trees – young and old – will need special attention in order to stay healthy. There are a lot of ways to provide this attention and care, with some of them being particularly crucial if you want healthy and happy trees at the beginning and end of your summer. For […]

Tree Pruning Basics

Trimming and pruning trees can enhance the natural beauty of a landscape if done right, but can also hold the risk of permanently damaging a tree or shrub. A tree will naturally grow and form into the shape that benefits the most from the surrounding area and how light coverage is affected, so even without […]

Tree Trimming Tips

If you’re interested in trimming and tending to your plants, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you start. Trimming can make your plants look beautiful, take care of any health issues, and keep unruly branches out of the way from hazards. But if not done properly, trimming can end […]

When to Call an Arborist

No matter how strong your green thumb may be, growing trees can be very high maintenance. And at some point, if you start to notice certain symptoms or signs in your trees, you may find that you need a professional’s help. Here’s what you need to know about consulting an arborist about your trees. Trees […]

Is It Time To Remove A Tree?

Trees provide shade, climate moderation, soil protection, and aesthetic character. In fact, trees are often the key features of one’s property. Unfortunately, there are times when trees can prove troublesome or dangerous. When trees develop damage or disease, they pose threats to people and structures. While professional trimming can help extend the life of a […]

Top 3 Harmful Trees for Pets & Livestock

Although trees provide shade, shelter, and beauty to your home or property, they can also be a contributing cause of illness to large animals such as horses, and cattle. Some trees are so poisonous they can result in anemia, kidney failure, and even cyanide poisoning for larger animals. Although animals don’t usually eat the leaves […]

To Remove a Dead Tree

Sooner or later, the time comes, to all property owners, when a tree on their property must be removed.  Bruce Springsteen has sung to us, “Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact—,” and when a tree dies you need to deal with it both on a practical and, sometimes, emotional level.  In this article, we’ll examine […]

EAB: Remember These Initials

If you haven’t heard the initials EAB, sooner or later you will. No, they don’t stand for the latest pop super group or a new, hot club you simply MUST get into. Rather, EAB stands for the Emerald Ash Borer. If you’re in an area that has a large number of Ash trees, unfortunately it’s […]

To Plant A Tree

OK, so you’ve decided to give your home the many benefits a tree provides.  Great!  You look forward to the shade that will help lower your energy bills, the branches that will provide you with a place to hang a tire swing for the kids, the increased soil holding that will give your property a […]